El loco y la camisa – o incómodo à mesa de jantar

É esse o imenso desejo de ficção que El loco y la camisa nos cria. Uma ansiedade em contra-relógio que ensaia resguardar-nos da própria ficção quotidiana que cada uma daquelas personagens inventou para poder sobreviver. Um enorme desejo de fuga – daquela noite, daquela família, daquela tragédia – que mostra, afinal, como somos sempre apanhados na curva de um teatro como espelho que amplia os horrores das escolhas silenciosas que se vão fazendo.

Bit, by Maguy Marin, choreography of the year Tanz Magazine

Maguy Marin composes a chorographical structure that demands from both dancers and spectators a commitment to what’s unsure and unknown. The notion of “bit” like a moment frozen in time, works as a standout from the complexity of meanings that can be produced by a work of art. By focusing on the minimal part of a wider structure, Marin is also focusing on the need to frame time and space and, from that philosophical approach to life, to look inside and extract the reason why to move.

Jefta van Dinther

Due to the skilled dialogue between movement, music and light, Jefta van Dinther manages to draw a ecosystem where the body presents itself not as the consequence of something, but as the starting point of a rebuilding of it’s own identity. In all it’s ambiguous desire to proceed to something new, here’s a choreographer that dos not fall under the trap of immediacy.